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RRBInflationAccrual() function

RRBInflationAccrual(argument list…)

This function returns the growth (on a principal basis, as opposed to a coupon accrued basis) in the actual (nominal) price of a Canadian real return bond, due to growth in the CPI index as measured from the last coupon date to the settlement date, per $100 initial par. The function uses the following arguments:

Argument Description Restrictions
Base_Date CPI base date for the bond valid Excel date number
Settlement_Date bond settlement date valid Excel date number
>= Base_Date
Maturity_Date bond maturity date valid Excel date number
>= Settlement_Date
Coupon annual real bond coupon in decimal form (e.g. six percent entered as 0.06). For zero coupon (strip) bonds, enter 0. >= 0
Real_Price is the real bond price price per $100 par > 0
CPI_Dates array of dates for the CPI table strictly ascending order
CPI_Values array of CPI (Consumer Price Index) levels corresponding to CPI_Dates > 0
(typically rising, if inflation exists)

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