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CGFBasis(), CGBBasis(), and CGFBasis1() functions

CGFBasis(argument list…)

CGBBasis(argument list…)

CGFBasis1(argument list…)

These functions return the gross basis for Canadian government bonds deliverable into the Montreal Futures Exchange five and ten year CGF/CGB contracts, respectively (using 9% standard bond coupon) and five year CGF contract using the newer 6% standard bond coupon. The functions use the following arguments:

Argument Description Restrictions
Contract_Date futures contract expiry valid Excel date number
Maturity_Date maturity date for bond deliverable into the futures contract valid Excel date number
Coupon annual coupon for bond in decimal form (e.g. six percent entered as 0.06) > 0
Cash_Bond_Price price of bond per $100 par > 0
Futures_Price futures price per $100 par > 0

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